At ISPW, everything is about ‘social’.
So why not use the social event to stimulate interactions between participants?
Let’s have fun together – the best basis for future collaborations!
When you register for ISPW, you get a free ticket for one of our social activities.
You can choose between different options – there is something for each of you!

After the social activities, all participants will gather in the old Town Hall of Leuven for a drink offered by the city. This will offer a great opportunity to meet up again with friends, talk about the afternoon experiences, and to find colleagues with whom to dine in the city centre afterwards (dinner not included in the program).

When the conference approaches, participants (May 2018) will be asked to subscribe for the social activity of choice. Further instructions will follow later on.

Escape the city

For those who love to play Sherlock Holmes we have planned an escape the city. In small groups, you will have to solve riddles, puzzles, reveal secrets and crack codes throughout the city. In a quest, you will h...

Museum M – TeaM

Museum M is notable for its mix of classical and contemporary art in the historic center of Leuven. Top architect Stéphane Beel designed the sleek museum complex around the old Vanderkelen-Mertens municipal mus...

Histaruz and botanic garden

Do you want to learn more about the history of the largest academic hospital in Belgium? The Leuven University Hospital has built the Histaruz museum in one of her first oncology nursing units in the city center...

Sailing the Dyle

For those interested in a more adventurous social activity, we have planned a canoe trip on the Dyle. This is a river that flows through Leuven. You will start a guided canoe trip in Heverlee and follow the Dyle...


Belgium is also known for its beers. Did you know Leuven produces its own beer? Stella Artois is a typical local product. Do you want to learn more about Leuven and its history of brewing beer? Then you will pro...


Belgium is well-known for its chocolate – once you have tasted it, you will miss it in your own country. So why not try to make chocolate yourself? During this 2-hour workshop, you will prepare nice chocolate ...