Establishing an interdisciplinary translational research team to improve patient outcomes through practice improvements

Lise-Marie Kinnaer


Erin Ulrich, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Social Pharmacy, Drake University, Iowa, USA

Sarah Grady, Pharm.D. Associate Professor of Clinical Practice, Drake University, Iowa, USA

Jacqueline Vonderhaar, PharmD, MBA, Pharmacy Community Resident and Adjunct Clinical Faculty Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan, USA

Practical details: 25 July 10h30 – 12h00 – room ALO 07.100


To discuss how different models of interdisciplinary teams could be used to develop a translational research tea


  1. Introduction of moderators and outline of workshop.
  2. Describe the Knowledge-to-Action (KTA) model of translational research and how this model can be used to impact patient care through pratice improvement.
  3. Think-Pair-Share:  THINK –  Think about one topic that each member would like to explore in their future research agenda. PAIR –  Turn to the person sitting next to you. SHARE – Share your research topic of interest.
  4. Show and briefly describe the different types of interdiciplanary teams that may be effective in conducting translational research
  5. Break back into small groups (3-4 indiviudals) to discuss what types of interdiscipnary team structures may align with your research topic you desire to explore in the future.
  6. Share our translational research team model and the roles that each member play in the KTA framework.
  7. Break into small groups (3-4 individuals) to share any examples of translational research being done in their institution or country.