International comparison of practices related to PhD studies thesis requirements – are PhD studies comparable in different countries?

Lise-Marie Kinnaer


Katri Aaltonen, Research Department Social Insurance Institution, Finland

Leena K Saastamoinen, Research Department Social Insurance Institution, Finland

Practical details: 25 July 10h30 – 12h00 – room ALO 05.200


To gain insight in PhD thesis requirements and practices in different countries



This workshop focuses on sharing practices and comparing differences in the structure and requirements of PhD studies and thesis in Social Pharmacy in different countries. These practices can be related to requirements of the PhD thesis, supervision, collaboration, publishing, international networking etc.


First the moderators give a brief introduction to the topic and examples of the differences in the requirements related to PhD studies in some selected countries.

Secondly the participants are, in small groups, encouraged to share experiences about practices related to PhD studies in their countries and list one good practice and one practice, which they would like to develop. These are presented to all participants.

Thirdly the participants are encouraged to discuss the impact of the different practices and requirements on e.g. research, academia, doctoral and post-doctoral research career opportunities (national and international).


Introduction given by the moderators  (10 minutes)

Two small group discussions and presenting the conclusions to all participants  (65 minutes)

Key conclusions and glances to future presented by the moderators (10 minutes)