Reflective professional development portfolios – a way to stimulate students’ integration of studies into future work life?

Lise-Marie Kinnaer


Andy Wallman, Umeå university, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience

Sofia Kälvemark Sporrong, University of Copenhagen, Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Susanne Kaae, University of Copenhagen, Social and Clinical Pharmacy

Practical details: 25 July 10h30 – 12h00 – room ALO 05.100


To discuss reflective professional development portfolios and their use in pharmacy education related to implementation, goals, evaluation and expectations.


In Sweden Umeå University plans exist to introduce “reflective professional development portfolios” as a learning activity integrated in all theoretical courses, practitioner mentorship, and pharmacy practice during the pharmacy curricula. Assessments and feedback on reflective writing of portfolios are planned to occur on several occasions including at different levels of the education regarding:  level of reflection, mentoring discussions on professionalism, and content. Reflective assignments and portfolios have been also earlier used within individual courses. At Copenhagen University, Denmark, experiences of evaluation and grading of reflective portfolios in large student groups exist. Experiences and ideas from the two countries will be presented and discussed.

After the workshop:

  • Participants know the concept and value of reflective portfolios by presentation of specific tools to perform reflective portfolios to stimulate professionalism in pharmacy
  • Participants gained insight of the opportunities and difficulties with reflective portfolios in pharmacy education and pharmacy setting
  • Participants feel confident to take up a leading role for such an initiative

Content and structure

  • Introduction to the concept of reflective professional development portfolios and the opportunities and difficulties involved Examples from pharamcy education Sweden and Denmark including thoughts on effects on students ability to understand, and reflect on, pharmacy policy, patient counseling and the pharmacy profession
  • Discussions in groups:
  • Exchange of ideas or experiences of implementation, use and evaluation of reflective activities
  • Exchange of ideas or experiences of implementation, use and evaluation of development
  • Discuss possible outcomes of implementation of portfolios in pharmacy educations,
  • Plenary discussion of findings and issues. Experiences of the moderators will be shared